Why restore an old photo

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Why restore an old photo? for the emotional worth…

Restoring an old photo is well worth investing in for many reasons. For a start, having an old, treasured photograph restored ensures it’s integrity by renewing it. It also reveals flashes of the past and brings your heritage to life.


Getting a photograph restored brings our ancestries into our current lives. It’s history.


Who wouldn’t want to breathe life into olden times? Days gone by are a part of our generation today. We wouldn’t exist without the past. Take the restored Victorian style image above for example, I am not familiar with the character in the portrait, yet I can appreciate her grace and majesty. It is wonderful how photographs have the capacity to speak to us and tell their own story.

Given all the photo restoration we do, we never tire of it. We absolutely love the character of old portraits, finding every old photograph we receive for restoration fascinating. Old portraits stand alone in their grandeur, often exuding great class and substance. Old time photographs impart their very own individual charm. The woman above appears to be elegant, poised and strong. She creates questions in my mind. The intricate architecture is interesting as well, as is her hat, the umbrella, her formal attire, even the carpet. Notice the elegant position of her hand holding the umbrella.


Photo Restoration can evoke memories and answer questions you may not know you had.

You think your photos are not fit to be seen? Photo Restoration is carried out daily at Simple Miracle Photography. We have seen it all. Rescuing your vintage photographs is a fun and rewarding experience. Transforming old, family photos into a presentable state once again is a process we enjoy immensely.

Message from Michelle… Old portraits tell us a personal story. Discover yours.

-Another of life’s Simple Miracle’s…

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