Tortoise Image – full of love

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Tortoise Treasures


The meaning of a photograph is quite subjective. For me, a photograph evokes some kind of emotion, yet I can look at the same photograph years later and have a different experience. Still, I feel an emotion nevertheless. Often the older the photograph the more precious it becomes, because of the history it holds. Take the above photograph for a perfect example; a precious moment worth returning to in years to come. This wonderful tortoise image is a show stopper!


See the love between this old tortoise and its keeper.


No doubt, this is a great moment to re-live over and over again. It seems photographs of animals in nature, or reptiles for that matter, like this wonderful, striking tortoise, bring a lot of joy to me. Creatures great and small remind me to live life simply, showing me a different perspective, an outlook that rings true to me. Not only do I love photographing animals in their solitary state, I also find the connections between human and creature very touching, and so, capturing the love you see above is an exciting moment caught on camera. Being a pretty reclusive reptile, this tortoise is sure lapping up the affection given. What is this magnificent tortoise telling you?


Message from Michelle… Fleeting moments… keep your finger on the shutter!

-Another if life’s Simple Miracles..



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