Print Quality

At Simple Miracle Photography we use Kodak Professional Endura paper. This is the paper designed for professional labs. We believe in outstanding quality in our paper to ensure your enjoyment of long-lasting prints.

The Archival Life of prints on this paper is expected to be 100 years in a typical home display. We find this paper offers exceptional sharpness with intense black reproduction and a wide colour gamut for richer, more vibrant colours.

Overall, in our view, this paper provides brilliant image quality.


Matte vs Gloss

We favour the professional look of a Matte Finish on all of our prints, however, if you prefer a gloss finish to your image/s, please specify when you are purchasing your desired image/s.


About Monitor Calibration

At Simple Miracle Photography it is of the utmost importance that colour consistency is predictable and repeatable across an entire range of devices, from camera, to display, to print.

We ensure this colour accuracy by working with premium image making equipment and using correctly calibrated, professional monitors at all times, and by taking advantage of the industry’s quality print technology. This diligence ensures perfect pictures every time.


Please note

All devices produce colours differently because each device has a unique colour space. Your monitor may or may not be calibrated; therefore the colours on your screen may be slightly inconsistent and not pertaining to the true colour palette of the actual picture.

Please understand that your purchased prints will be of the highest quality regardless of the monitor through which you are viewing the gallery.


All images are printed at high resolution for the ultimate in photographic quality.