Photography Tips – 3 Ways To Reduce Camera Shake

Photography Tips - Tripod to prevent camera shake

Manfrotto Tripod with Manfrotto 322RC2 Tripod Head


Cable Release To Reduce Camera Shake

Cable Release

 Good habits by Simple Miracle Photography – Reducing Camera Shake

1. Use a tripod (pictured first). This is the most effective photography tip to reduce camera shake. Secondly, fire the shutter using a simple cable release (above), as opposed to pressing the shutter yourself. If you don’t have one, the next best thing is utilizing the timer function on your camera. Using timer will reduce camera shake significantly.

Hanging a weighty hand bag from the tripod itself will ensure the tripod is firmly fixed to the ground, adding even more steadiness to your camera.


Photography Tips - Manfrotto Monopod

Manfrotto Monopod – I’m Handy At The Zoo!



Photography Tips - Manfrotto Monopod Head

Manfrotto Monopod Head



2. Use a Monopod. As far as photography tips go, monopods are excellent if you are shooting a subject that remains still for an inordinate amount of time, such as a gorilla at a zoo for example. A Monopod will take the weight of your camera in the meantime. A great alternative that will reduce camera shake.


Photography Tips - Bean bag for Camera to Prevent Camera Shake

Trusty Bean Bag For Your Camera!



3. Use a bean bag. If you don’t have a Tripod or Monopod, rest your camera on a stable and level surface, like a fence post, using a bean bag made especially for your camera. Utilize the timer function on your camera in this case or better still, use a cable release.

Even a camera that is in skilled hands will produce a very small amount of camera movement when the shutter is pressed. On the subject of finding ways to reduce camera shake, using the above methods will greatly improve your photography, particularly option number 1, leading to exceptional sharpness in your shots.


Message from Michelle –  “A camera that is out of our hands can produce tack sharp shots. Try it and enjoy the difference”

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