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Photography skillsPhotography skills


Photography skills

Photography skills – 5 Tips

5 simple tips to help you gain better photography skills. Acquiring sound photography skills can take some time to master. That said, improving your photography can be quite easy, if you follow some basic rules. I believe that learning never stops, so these instructions are only just the beginning.


Photography Skills / one:

Photography skills needed? First things first….whatever your camera, get to know it well. Reading the instructional manual will help, however, getting “hands on” with your camera will give you even more of an advantage. Nothing beats leaning through trial and error. So, get some practical experience under your belt and play!


Photography skills / Two:

Find your niche. Rather than photographing whatever you come into contact with, discover what you are interested in. Your photography will improve by simply shooting what appeals to you, because it will mean something.

Photography Skills / Three:

Learn the basics of good composition. The rule of thirds is the first basic principal of photography. The rule of thirds has two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. Pleasing composition can be obtained by placing the focal point of your subject on one of the intersecting points. This is important in beginner photography as it balances your image. An excellent starting point!


Photography Skills / Four:

Keep your eyes peeled. Notice what is around you. For example, if your style of photography is landscape photography, look up and look around. This will help you not to miss a great shot. As you walk away, look back. Never under estimate looking back.


Photography Skills / Five:

Watch out for background distraction. A photograph suffers greatly when there are distractions in the background that take away from the subject. Uncluttered backgrounds are best.


Message from Michelle… Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!

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