Photo Restoration & Repair Maitland

Photo Restoration & Repair Maitland – Restoring a damaged photo is a worthwhile process for all at Restore My Photo Maitland and for those who choose to have a treasured family photo restored. Very old and damaged photos can be repaired in a variation of ways. Sometimes we receive photos that don’t require full restoration treatment. Some photos only need slight restorations or re-touching, such as enhancing the colour of a photograph.


Below are some examples of methods we apply to put the “oomph” back into your favourite photos…


Photo Re-touching Maitland

Enhance Colour

Enhancing the colour of a photograph may be required if the photograph is in tact in all areas, but has faded all over slightly or has faded in a specific area.
Add Highlights & Change Tone

Adding highlights may be applied for visual enhancement and/or changing the tone in a photograph may be applied to give a warmer (redder) tone or a cooler (bluer) tone for example.
Smooth Skin & Remove Blemishes

Removing blemishes can remove distractions from photos and smoothing skin can greatly improve the over-all quality of a photo.
Remove Red-Eye & Sharpen Image

Speaking of distractions – removing red eye will fix one of the most annoying distractions on photographs! Sharpening images is often a must on many of our restorations, providing a crisper look to the photograph as a whole.
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7 amazing methods that make your photos really stand out from the rest!




Photo Restoration & Repair Maitland


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