Photo Restoration Maitland – Photo stuck to glass

Photo stuck behind glass inside frame

Old faded photo stuck behind broken glass

Photo stuck behind glass in frame

Photo scanned, restored and re-printed





 Photo stuck to glass? We can help…

Photo Restoration Maitland – Photo stuck to glass –  how annoying. If you have a stubborn photo that has stuck to the glass like the example above on the left, just pick up the phone and call us. If we cannot remove the photo from the glass and you want the photograph restored, we can easily scan it for you through the actual glass itself, restore it and re-print it with any changes you require, as shown in the example above on the right. It can be cropped as well, should this be a request. The photograph above was permanently stuck to the glass and could not be successfully removed from the glass without damaging it further. As photographer’s we have seen this type of issue over and over again and know right away if removal is an option. This takes practise and detailed observation to ascertain the level of success achievable by starting to remove a photo that is clearly stuck to glass.  Removing old photos from old glass requires a knack. We have that very knack, however, we are also realistic. Some photos just cannot be salvaged.


In this case, removing the photo from the glass was not doable, therefore we scanned the image through the glass. This is not a difficult task, but it takes a specific type of skill and the use of ultra high quality scanners in order to scan at the highest possible resolution. Our professional method of scanning does not resemble scanning something on a home printer. We have the right devices and the technical knowledge to scan just about any photo at the highest quality, which is exactly what is required in a scenario where photo paper is stuck to glass. This is an exciting alternative for you, because it means…if your photo is stuck to glass….. all is not lost. Simple Miracle Photography can save you from pulling your hair out. Photos are precious to us all and when a photo is stuck to glass it can be really frustrating and disappointing. If you find yourself attempting to remove a valuable old photo that is stuck to glass, attempt no further!


Why do photo’s stick to glass? Many reasons. Glossy photographs have a tendency to stick to certain areas of glass over time. Gloss finished photographs that have not been professionally framed. Photographs that have become wet inside their frame. Water will also damage  photographs quite significantly, if not permanently. General moisture build up can cause photo paper to stick to glass over time, particularly to photographs that have been framed by an amateur. Incorrect framing and not caring for the framed piece properly is usually the culprit. Professional framing ensures that the photo itself is not actually touching the surface of the glass.

If you have the option of getting a photograph framed professionally or throwing it into a frame from Woolworths, I would opt for the professional option every time. That way, through the correct care and placement of your photograph, you should have many years of great viewing – and no dreaded moisture, which leads to photos sticking to glass.


That said….a photo that has stuck to glass isn’t the end of the world. If you are in this situation, give Simple Miracle Photography a call and we will see how we can help you.



Simple Miracle Photography…. solving your photo your woes daily…

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