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At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we not only restore old photos, we also transform photos into sepia and/or black & white at your request. Do you remember the old cliché, ” A picture paints a thousand words”? Well, it does. No matter how old your photo, at Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we bring your loved ones to life. The time has come. Restore that special photo that you’ve been meaning to for so long!! Make a relative happy and surprise them on a special occasion! You’ll be glad you did.


The Essence of Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle

Hi, I’m Michelle from Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle. I’ve always loved looking back and discovering the history of the lives of my relatives. From an early age I used to sit in a quiet spot and pour over old albums for hours. My mother gave me the nod to this past-time, as long as I returned all the albums to the cupboard when I’d finished ogling them all. I still remember the look on my mother’s face when I’d ask to look at all the photographs again, the next day! Luckily for me, it was a look of love. The same process unfolded with my grandmother. The upshot is, I obviously couldn’t get enough of photos, because they were a reminder of where I came from. Who doesn’t like looking over old photos? Photographs have so much history. Old photos demonstrate that your loved one lived. Old photos never fail to tell a story.


Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle

Restoring Images Since The Digital Age


More About Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle

When our customers call Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle, not all of their old photos require photo restoration. Some old photos are kept in great condition from the outset and may only need colour enhancement, added highlights or a change in tone. Some old photos benefit greatly from sharpening. At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we can smooth skin tones & remove blemishes if required, too. We can remove red eye problems and dust spots from your old photo. It’s good to remember that at Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we are able to restore photographs that are stuck behind glass, too. At Photo Restoration Maitland and Newcastle, after many years of photo restoration experience, we can just about do anything in relation to Photo Restoration!


About Enhancing Colour on old Photographs

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we observe whether enhancing the colour of a photograph may be required. If the photograph is in tact in all areas, but has faded all over slightly or has faded in a specific area, sometimes enhancing colour in a certain area or overall enhancement of colour within the image is all that is required.

About Reducing Highlights on old Photographs

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we see old photographs that are in need of highlight reduction. We frequently fix over exposure issues, which rectifies over exposure distractions.

About Adding Highlights & Changing Tone on old Photographs

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we observe whether adding highlights may be applied for visual enhancement and/or whether changing the tone in a photograph may be required to acheive a warmer (redder) tone or a cooler (bluer) tone for example. Changing the tone of an old photo can completely change it’s appearance in a positive way.

About Smoothing Skin & Removing Blemishes on old Photographs

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle sometimes removing blemishes will remove distractions from photos and smoothing skin tones can improve the over-all quality of a photo, and the person. Smoothing skin tones and/or removing blemishes can make an old photo cleaner.

About Removing Red-Eye & Sharpening old Photographs

Speaking of distractions – at Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we remove red eye issues in order to fix one of the most annoying distractions on photographs! Sharpening images is often a must on many of our restorations, as well, providing a crisper look to the photograph as a whole.

About Restoring Photo’s that are Stuck Behind Glass

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we are apt at restoring old photographs that are stuck behind glass. Sometimes we can remove the photo from behind the glass. Other occasions require us to scan the photo and restore it digitally.

About Water Damage Removal from Photographs

Water damage is probably the worst type of damage to a photograph. Successful photo restoration of an old photo with water damage will be the extent of the damage.

About Converting your Photo to Black & White or Sepia

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we are able to convert your colour photo into your choice of Black and White or Sepia. However, on many occasions we recommend Black & White, because it adds a certain cleanliness and clarity to many images.

About Rip, Tear & Puncture Repairs to your photo

Rips, tears, and/or punctures are very common on old photographs, particularly if your old photos haven’t been looked after over the years. Tears and cracks are particularly common. In fact, many of the old and damaged photographs we restore look like “Road Maps”. After restoration old portraits are smooth, like new again. The photo transformations are astounding.

About Removing People and/or Objects from Photo’s

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle, customer’s sometimes want an object that is distracting within their photograph removed. We can remove unwanted objects from old photographs completely. We can also remove people or a single person from a photo, too.

About Cropping your photo

If your old portrait is in reasonable condition to begin with, cropping your old portrait can be achieved.

About Faded Portraits

Faded photos are another common problem we see. This especially occurs when photos have been left in direct sunlight over time. However, age is also a factor. Again, the extent to which a faded portrait can be fixed is dependent upon the extent of the damage to the photo.

About Photo’s to Canvas

 At Photo Restoration and Maitland and Newcastle we not only spend time restoring old, damaged photos, we also transfer your old photos to canvas prints. All of our canvas prints come stretched and ready to hang. Where old photos are concerned, one of the great advantages of canvas prints is their forgiving nature. Sometimes we recommend having your restored photo transferred to canvas. Our canvas prints are premium quality at 100% cotton.

About transferring your OLD Slides into photos

At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we can make your old slides into photos. This is something we do regularly. We find that old slides can often be crystal clear, despite their age! Customer’s love getting their old slides transferred into photos. It’s always a surprise, given the last time they viewed them was probably on “slide night”!!! We transfer old slides onto USB, too! Unveil your slides with Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle today.

We love what we do at Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle. We are available 7 days a week, from 8am to 6pm, so don’t hesitate to call us, even if you just have a question. We are always happy to help. 4934 3485  – Free Quotes


Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle

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