Photo Repairs Maitland

Photo Repairs Maitland

Photo repairs Maitland – The photo restoration process, depending upon the extent of damage to a photograph and where the damage actually is on the photo, can be a very extensive and time-consuming process to repair. That said, at Simple Miracle Photography, we specialize in photo restoration and understand the intricacies of the photo restoration process, and what repairs are essential for the rejuvenation of your family photo. The longer a photo is left damaged, the further the extent of the damage. We have restored many old images here in Maitland that may “appear” beyond repair, until our photo restoration team start weaving the necessary magic that will put a smile back on your face.


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We are perfectionists when it comes to repairing photos and so, for us to see the results, let alone the positive reactions from our customers, is a real joy, every single repair we do. Photo Restoration never gets old for us! We take great interest in seeing old photographs from days gone by. A damaged photo, old or not, is definitely worth salvaging…..for the history alone or for the memory. At Restore My Photo Maitland, we gladly restore old photographs with a wide grin – on every occasion.



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