Photo Repair Maitland – Colour Variation

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Photo Repair – Colour Variation to Pink!


Photo Repair Maitland – Above, left, is a classic baby portrait taken in 1953. I have left three sides of the photograph visible. Notice the portrait is embossed on the bottom right hand side. That is a classy touch from the old school photographer.

We love restoring old baby portraits here at Simple Miracle Photography, making them new again, or in this case, changing the look of a portrait in particular. Completely changing a predominant aspect of a photo, such as changing the colour of what someone is wearing will certainly alter the original appearance of any portrait. Take the two versions above. Neither is right or wrong, better or worse – just different.


Each and every one of us perceives what we see differently, in life and in photography.


This customer simply wanted the colour of baby girl’s dress and booties transformed to pink! In addition to the colour transformation, look at the condition of the original image. This particular photograph has been stored properly. For example, the photograph has been kept flat and protected in a dark, cool spot, out of harms way. Because there is no damage to this original portrait, it did not require any restoration per se.

Changing an element of colour in an image influences it’s appeal, particularly if the portrait was originally black and white or sepia. Altering the colour of an image, in this way, adds a different dimension to the image. Here at Simple Miracle Photography, we enjoy turning your ideas into a reality. This bub looks gorgeous either way!


 Message from Michelle… Adding colour to your old portrait creates another impression

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