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About Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle

I’ve always loved looking back and discovering the history of the lives of my relatives. From an early age I used to sit in a quiet spot and pour over old albums for hours. My mother gave me the nod to this past-time, as long as I returned all the albums to the cupboard when I’d finished ogling them all. I still remember the look on my mother’s face when I’d ask to look at all the photographs again, the next day! Luckily for me, it was a look of love. The same process unfolded with my grandmother. The upshot is, I obviously couldn’t get enough of photos, because they are a reminder of where I came from. Who doesn’t like looking over old photos? Photographs have so much history.  Old photos are a reminder that your loved one lived. Old photos never fail to tell a story.

At Photo Restoration Maitland we not only restore old photos. We also transform photos into sepia and/or black & white at your request.

More About Photo Re-touching Maitland & Newcastle

When our customers call Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle, not all of their old photos require photo restoration. Some old photos are kept in great condition from the outset and may only need colour enhancement added to your old photo, added highlights or a change in your photograph’s tone. Some old photos benefit from sharpening. At Photo Restoration Maitland & Newcastle we can smooth skin tones & remove blemishes if required. We can remove red eye problems and dust spots from your old photo.

Enhance Colour

Enhancing the colour of a photograph may be required if the photograph is in tact in all areas, but has faded all over slightly or has faded in a specific area.
Add Highlights & Change Tone

Adding highlights may be applied for visual enhancement and/or changing the tone in a photograph may be applied to give a warmer (redder) tone or a cooler (bluer) tone for example.
Smooth Skin & Remove Blemishes

Removing blemishes can remove distractions from photos and smoothing skin can greatly improve the over-all quality of a photo.
Remove Red-Eye & Sharpen Image

Speaking of distractions – removing red eye will fix one of the most annoying distractions on photographs! Sharpening images is often a must on many of our restorations, providing a crisper look to the photograph as a whole.
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