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Simple Miracle Photography is moved to capture what is invisible to the naked eye, and conversely, to capture what is clearly visible, yet often overlooked.


Michelle Riksman has been a photo fanatic since childhood. Having a flair for the unusual, today, Michelle devotes time to macro photography, which enables an intimate view of the subject at hand and evokes the message that mystery is continual beyond what we sometimes notice or understand. This mystery conveys itself through the wonder of photo restoration, pet photography and nature.

When in nature…

A striking rainforest or an average backyard, there is a magical world of wonder all around us, waiting, and well worth discovering.


When photographing pets…

In a lavish environment or on the kitchen floor, there is a magical world of unconditional love all around us, waiting, and well worth capturing.

When restoring a portrait…

Old or new, there is a magical depiction of life’s narrative all around us, waiting, and well worth treasuring.



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Wow. I am very impressed by Michelle’s images. I particularly enjoy the one with the fur in it. Glorious macro shots

Haje Jan Kamps – Photographer
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