Minimalist Photography

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Why Simple Miracle Photography Loves Minimalist Photography…

I love the way minimalist photography shows nature in it’s simplicity. It’s clean, unfussy, sometimes mighty, mysterious or eerie. Minimalist Photography exudes a kind of effortlessness too, which pacifies me. Minimalist Photography is often understated, like the image of pure moonlight above, yet I feel an immense sense of willingness to ponder what is next in my life when I look at it.


Minimalist photography lends itself to being a blank page, and because it doesn’t have a specific subject to grip my attention, I am free to roam in the empty space.


I especially love this example of minimalist photography above. The image is lit only by moonlight, and because of it’s openness it allows me to fill in the blanks. The image makes me reflect the past, appreciate the present moment and wonder about the future all at the same time. These thoughts may even change the next time I view the image. The vast moon light allures me into it’s depth and distances me from it all at once.

Starring at this image I sense wisdom in the ocean, and danger too, as to what lurks beneath. As I get lost in the deep space I feel a certain vulnerability running through me, and a sense of awe. In fact, when I look into this particular image I feel very susceptible to many great things, even though I don’t know what they are. This minimalist scene leaves me in a state of contemplation, and in all it’s nothingness, it puts me into a kind of meditative state too.

This moonlit image radiates a limitless appeal….it’s nameless. The miniscule fleck of the ship’s light in the distance conjures more curiosity.


Message from Michelle… minimalist photography is simple, powerful and never ending in it’s capacity to move…


Another of life’s Simple Miracle’s…

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