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I notice life in detail

The Patterns Beneath Tree Bark Mesmerises…




Michelle Riksman

Up Close…

I was born to Ellen and Hank Riksman in Belmont NSW Australia during the 1970’s. My mother always said I shot out like a bullet! A restless zest for life I still have today. I’m a melanoma survivor with an unusual imagination. I love to read, write, garden, eat hot Indian food, and watch the ABC. Given that my camera has been like an extra limb since my early teens, I finally gave into my obsession and developed Simple Miracle Photography in 2009.


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Through photographing the magical faces of pets, seeing countless cracks in an old photo disappear, through the wonder of nature, I am focusing on the often over looked. Time and again… the more commonplace my subject, the more fascinated I become and the more alive I feel. I love exploring in solitude…learning, discovering, and most of all appreciating my life. After all, my next breath is only a prospect, so is yours.


Life is a gift, not a promise. Every single day I write one thing I am grateful for

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– notice life with me…