Little Pink Flower

Crisp pink wild flower with out of focus spring time background

Can flowers sing a happy tune? This little guy sure is trying!


Little Pink Flower Called – “Sing”

Little pink flowers are beautiful. I have colour all around me today. It’s hot! I haven’t got a specific image in mind; however, I can feel I will capture something of immense beauty. I love gardening and I love photography, so, I am in my element in more ways than one. This happens to be a garden that Don Burke would be proud of! This is my great Aunt’s garden, which has won many competitions over past decades. All the showy flowers, manicured shrubs and trees are established, picturesque and grand. The garden edges are curvy, leading the eye across immaculate lawns. I am relaxed as ever right now. My Mother’s Aunty, 89, still cares for her gardens each day – in a very humble fashion. Despite the abundant choice of flowers available, I choose to photograph a flower that is almost unnoticeable. This flower is tiny and delicate. My macro lens I’m using to magnify its beauty and reveal its intricate detail. As I set up the camera and tripod in a very low position I am excited about what I am going to capture. The lens needs to be directly in front of the little pink flower, on the subject’s level for the close perspective I want and for correct focus. Getting down low to the ground, coupled with the best angle also ensures the whole image is evenly exposed. Screaming midday heat is usually the most unfavourable time to shoot, but, if you find the right angle, the right subject, and use a polarising filter – the results can be sensational, particularly when it comes to flower photography. I’m calling this image ‘Sing’ because I think the highest bud looks as if it’s chirping a happy tune. Probably very pleased to be finally noticed!

Message from Michelle… “It doesn’t mean a spectacular garden display is paramount to taking great shots. Amazing shots can be taken in some pretty sad places too!

-Another of life’s simple miracles

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