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Fix my photo


Fix my photo

Jacket… After The Magic Touch Of Simple Miracle Photography

Fix my photo….

Yes we can!

Fix my photo Newcastle & Maitland – You are thinking…I need someone to fix my photo… Well, we specialize in fixing all of your photos.  Call us for a chat about your old photo or read a little about how we may fix your photo. First of all, the art of photo restoration takes many years of time, patience and plenty of practice. To fix your photo a good eye that is attentive to every detail is required, which we have!


The above photo on the left shows none of the necessary qualities needed in order to restore a photograph properly. A recent customer did not have a photograph of her mother and father together and therefore needed them merged together quickly for a specific occasion. This was done using two different photographs. Unfortunately she was left with a poor result. The gentleman’s jacket in particular is now unsightly, as you can see. The dense smear is also impeding onto the ladies arm.

A telephone conversation with us ensured her photograph could be restored properly. We get a big thrill here at Simple Miracle Photography each and every time we restore an old photo back to it’s original condition or when we have the opportunity to fix an error made by another person, because after each restore we see the relief and gladness on the faces of our customers.

Photos are so precious to us all, particularly when our loved ones have passed away. More often than not a simple photo is all we have to remember them by.  Repairing treasured photos to the best of our ability is paramount. Our work means a lot to us, as does the final result. After tender loving care is given to each restore we embark on, we feel proud to have been a part of making another customer pleased. We restored this photograph in about one week. Another very happy customer. Next time you think “Who Can Fix My Photo” think Simple Miracle Photography.



See the restored photograph in it’s entirety next week….




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