Fern Atmosphere – the elegance of a common bush fern

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The finer points of a common bush fern are worth noticing.

A simple fern makes my day. This shot is taken at the Lilian Fraser Garden in Sydney NSW Australia. In the past the landscape was more organised and accessible. Today it is extremely dense and over-grown. Gardens like these inhabit many unknowns – great for exploration, but, not all plain sailing, due to the invasion of spider webs! I love a challenge. In situations like these I hold a long stick directly in front of me as I explore. My aim is not to break any webs, I usually walk underneath them. Depending on the size of the 8 legged creature I may avoid the area altogether! Because webs are often invisible, using the stick as a guide helps my sanity at times like this. Spiders are embedded in this seemingly forgotten garden. If you have a fear of spiders before entering the Lilian Fraser Garden, you shouldn’t by the time you leave. Plenty exposure therapy here! After a bit of excitability and caution and I come across a mass of gorgeous ferns, vibrantly healthy and green, ready to be noticed. I purposely use a wide aperture to blur the background in this photograph and to show the detail of this fern in particular.

I love discovering the ordinary and finding it majestic, especially a common bush fern like this one. Some may view these ferns as weeds – I see a picture of perfect plant life that usually passes us by. Can you spot the tiny purple bead?

Camera Settings: Canon 5D Mark II, 100mm Macro Lens, @100mm, 1/125 seconds @ f/2.8., ISO 800, hand-held

Message from Michelle… sometimes the most dishevelled of places have the most spectacular photo opportunities. Don’t be afraid to delve into it, uncover and appreciate

-Another of life’s simple miracles

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