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 “Behind The Bark Of A Gumtree”

Close Up Photography is a fascinating subject. The myriad of subjects that lend itself to this genre of photography would be endless. Potential subjects are high, low and everywhere in between. What the heck, I’ll rattle off a few varied subjects to possibly photograph…… a flower, a screw, a leaf, a coin, a pencil tip, an apple, a door handle, a patch of carpet, the top of a hand, a phone, a calculator, a shoe lace, a ring, a shifter, a razer, a bottle top, a smartie, a brick, a button, your nose!.

For me, the closer to nature I can get, the better. I love trees, because each one is so different, resembling life’s moment’s. Every tree has something to give, to pass on, if we just stop, look and listen. A single tree brings me joy, curiosity, peace, re-assurance. Trees can exude history. Trees are powerful, wonderful, supportive. Trees sometimes give me a feeling of safety as well. I believe trees may even feel.


Other than huntsman spiders, have you ever wondered what lies behind tree bark?


Close up photography is always a joy. Trees are really fascinating subjects to shoot and sight. Take the image above for an example. Close up photography allows me to see the detail in this particular tree. All it’s intricate indentations in the wood are enthralling. I love to get up close and personal to all my subjects, especially subjects in nature. I am always amazed at what I am able to see!


Here I get to see all the grooves that are embedded  in the tree, it’s notches and dimples that I otherwise wouldn’t see.


Close up photography of trees gives me energy and faith. I like the inside exterior of this tree, the contrast in shade. The black and the light skin coloured areas creates a very interesting image. Nothing like the intimate aspects of a naked tree, without bark. I would highly recommend spending time with large trees. You and your camera will enjoy…


 Message from Michelle… Photograph a “tree” up close. Hug one while you’re at it

Another of life’s Simple Miracle’s

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