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Gift Certificate – Special Offer For Christmas


At Simple Miracle Photography we love showering you with Gift Certificates. Especially Christmas Gift Certificates! It is a perfect opportunity for you to give a friend or a loved one a special and unique gift over the festive season. It is also a perfect opportunity for us to do what we love and do best…….and that’s to take lots of beautiful photographs of your beloved pets. We especially enjoy our session times with  animals, particularly when time is not a factor. We don’t believe in being ruled by the clock. Great pictures take patience and time, and so spending plenty of extra time getting to know your dog and taking measured shots as well as spontaneous shots are all part of our everyday passion for photography.


This Christmas Gift Certificate is packed with generous inclusions this year and offers a great price. A gift certificate can say many things. Many of them say thank you or are given purely as a gift, for gift’s sake! This is a Gift Certificate especially for Christmas…and it is all about fun. The Shar-pei in our current Christmas Gift Certificate is a Grand Champion Show Dog. He was certainly grand to photograph and a real champ at looking down the barrel of the lens with such ease and confidence.


We photograph an array of different dogs who have an array of different personalities. Some are restless and wild, where action shots are only a click away!!! Shy dogs are great too, for the kind-hearted expressions we capture. Serious faces are a laugh as well. Excitable, silly, rowdy, unruly, little, big, we love them all.  We are even known to tame the nervous and the reluctant. We love all dogs of all walks of life. Whether your dog is a scallywag or an angel  we photograph with joy…… and we love Christmas time.


What will this Gift Certificate mean to someone you know this Christmas?

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