Cattle Photography

What are you looking at? I mean… MOOOO!!!!


Cattle Photography is peaceful – “Nosy Parkers”

Cattle Photography is something I especially love to engage in. The photograph I want today requires a smelly approach. Driving through the country, between Maitland NSW Australia and Paterson NSW, I am drawn to a bunch of cows grazing in front of a colourful sky with cloud formations. I must stop for this. No tripod today. A hand held shot this will be.

Stepping down the shallow ditch and onto cow territory, the cows are looking at me with trepidation. Swiftly walking off in the other direction is the best option for them at the moment …or, so they think.

The best thing to do when photographing cows is remaining quiet, unassuming and low to the ground. Stay in the same position for as long as you can. Eventually cows usually head back and begin grazing where they left off.

 I’m opting for the laying down position. Uncomfortable, but, now that I’m horizontal the cows will feel less intimidated. Just as I thought…they are easing back towards me to investigate with some confidence. Now that their intrigue is growing, the more daring they’re becoming. This is good… here on ground level.  Right now they are each stepping nearer and nearer to me in unison. Whilst up close and personal, I’ll fire off some shots and yes! I have caught some amusing expressions. They seem nosy…. I’ll call this “Nosy Parkers”. I’m using a wide angle lens for this shot. I love the cows filling the frame.  I really want to incorporate the vivid blue sky and the luscious green grass.

Message from Michelle… Sometimes in photography you have to lie down on some unsavoury surfaces to get the shot you’re after. Not pleasant, but always worth it. This shot is colourful and a bit of fun. It makes me grin.

-Another of life’s simple miracles

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