Capturing Dog Love – Pet Photography Tips

Simple Miracle Photography provides 6 useful tips on how to take pictures of dogs more effectively.

My owner means the world to me


 Good Habits by Simple Miracle Photography

 6 Useful Pet Photography Tips


1. Bonding – bond with the dog first before getting your camera out of the bag. Pat the dog and let him or her become familiar with you. If you’re an animal lover… the dog will feel this and welcome you with all the kisses under the sun! The best start to any Pet Photography session.


2. Eye Level – Shooting at the eye and chest level of the dog allows the expression on his or her face to really shine. When shooting dogs I spend a lot of time laying on the ground capturing puppy dog eyes. You’ll  be amused at how many goofy facial expressions a dog will pull. Be observant.


3. Treats – I often use treats to coerce the dog to a different area, which may have a particular background I know will accentuate the dog most highly. I also treat the dog after such wonderful cooperation.


4. Sounds – Make alarming high pitch sounds, calculatingly. This trick can be done with either a squeaky toy or your own voice. I use my own voice for this – once I have the “perfect shot” lined up. (For me, a perfect shot requires a background completely free of any objects or clutter.) Don’t overdo it though, otherwise the dog will get used to your prank and not respond. When used at the most ideal time, you’ll be amazed at the fabulous shots you will capture as the dog reacts to the noise.


5. Talk to re-assure – Stay connected to the dog by doing some chin wagging yourself. Talk to the dog a lot, repeating his or her name throughout the session. This gives the dog positive re-enforcement, which will keep your session progressing and alive.


6. Be Patient & Shoot Often – Patience is a must have trait to possess when photographing any animal, including dogs. Always be ready. Have your finger on the shutter at all times. Moments are fleeting….so don’t miss the many and varied opportunities!


Message from Michelle… By practising these tips you’ll make winning shots of your new canine friend”


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