Bee collecting nectar from a flower

Bee sucking nectar from a flower

A humble bumble bee collecting nectar from a flower is nothing short of amazing


I’m photographing a bee at close range today…feeding on nectar and pollen. It is so hot right now, the heat is sweltering, but, I’m always up for capturing a simple miracle. As I sit, perched forward, looking through the view finder, I can hear more than one bee buzzing around in close proximity! Positioning myself smartly, this bee will park itself in that sweet spot right in front of me – only if I am patient! I’m using my macro lens to enlarge the scene – my favourite prime lens at the moment.

As I wait patiently I am reminded of my teenaged years! Why you ask? The sensation of sweat crawling through my scalp takes me back to the years I spent in the sun, smothered in reef oil – baby oil in fact. If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s…you may have a clear recollection of that yourself and wonder how or why you did it in bikini’s! Grandma was right, “You should be wearing long sleeves and a hat”. I cover up when outdoors now, particularly in weather like today!

My bee is sitting directly in front of me now, as I predicted. It won’t land for any length of time so, I am careful not to move. I purposely hold my breath for a short period to take the shot. Shooting several frames, with my camera on continuous mode, ensures a shot I’ll be proud of. They don’t land for long, a split second at best. This is worth the wait though. Scrolling through the images on my LCD screen… I always know when I’m smitten with an image, because I cannot stop looking at it! Right now, I can’t stop looking at the pick of the bunch! Bashful Bee it is! This bee is a shy one, not wanting to show its face. I really like the soft, restful background of this image and the gorgeous white flowers against the bee.

I can imagine this image hanging in a baby’s room. Tranquil.

Camera Settings: Canon 5D Mark II, 100mm Macro Lens, @100mm, 1/200 seconds @ f/3.5, ISO 100


Message from Michelle…You will quickly tire of moving around trying to track the progress of a flighty bee. Get comfortable in a specific spot and wait for the bee to come to you.

-Another of life’s Simple Miracles

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