Nature Photography – Adrift

A slow shutter and perfect lighting help capture this Simple Miracle


Nature Photography at it’s best… “Adrift”

I’m looking to photograph a clean subject made up of water, moss and rocks. I want to call it “Adrift”. I can almost see it in this rainforest at Barrington Tops NSW Australia. I love rainforests, particularly in winter. The air is so incredibly fresh, cold and clean, pure and invigorating. It is pleasantly loud this morning, as the birds chant their melodies. Walking along a winding track, with my camera and tripod in toe, I adore the filtered light that streams through the forest in all directions. Whilst crossing a small bridge ahead I’m keeping my eyes peeled for photo opportunities, which in rainforests are all around – high, low and everywhere in between. Further ahead I see another bridge that hangs high above a gorgeous stream. Great landscape shots from this perspective, but, being a macro photographer at heart I am immediately drawn to the shiny, mossy rocks beneath. So, I’ll find a way to get down there! There is no track to be found!  This’ll be a matter of trial and error. Some situations require more effort than others, but, if you’re a keen photographer you won’t settle for second best. The trek down is steep and very uneven. I’m careful to strategically place each step, keeping one hand free.

Breaking a bone isn’t on my agenda; that would really interfere with my joy!

This is a special spot, however, as excited as I am to be near this beauty, caution still has to take priority….but, to me, it’s all part of the fun. The most appealing viewpoint is in reach, probably about 3 metres ahead.  Crawling across the surface of the rocks is a must before finding a flat enough area to steady the tripod. Naturally, in this type of environment, the leeches are making themselves known! Despite being a target for leeches, the embankment was worth it, simply to be amongst this untouched, pristine atmosphere in all its seclusion and gorgeousness. It’s magic down here. All the immaculate scenes of crisp, unpolluted water cascading gently across the rocks are glorious. The fine detail of the moss on different sections of the rocks, as well as the intricate markings that are embedded on them catches my attention too. The warmth of the sun on my hair I welcome. In moments like these I like to play around with composition. I’m discovering a nice arrangement that clearly showcases the beauty I just mentioned. The solitary leaf is a nice touch too. “Adrift” has been realised!!! Changing composition again, in the same area, I am shooting another image…. ‘Secret stream’ I’ll call it. A reasonably slow shutter speed is used to produce the silky affect to the water flow for both images.

Message from Michelle…   “If you haven’t spent time in a rainforest, with or without a camera, I highly recommend it. The rainforest environment refreshes you inside and out

– Another of life’s Simple Miracles.

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