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Photo Restoration Maitland and Newcastle


 My cardboard photo is torn down the middle.

Can you fix that?


Photo Restoration Maitland and Newcastle


Yes we can, in most cases.


The extent of photo restoration, whether it be a photo on cardboard or otherwise, will depend on exactly where the split has taken place across the actual picture itself.


Above we have displayed the bottom half of a portrait to show you the complete disappearance of the original tear.


In this particular photo, the background is uncomplicated, as is the object in which the tear is also located. You’ll notice the tear has made it’s way across the gentleman’s boot. This is much more straight forward to restore than if this particular tear was located through the person’s face. That said, tear’s across faces still have the potential to be completely restored. Photographs similar to the one shown are a relatively easy fix and usually have a perfect outcome like the “after” photo above.


More about photo restoration:

We will always need to inspect your photo at our lab to determine exactly where the damage has occurred. This is something the naked eye cannot see.

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As mobile photographers, we are happy to meet you at our collection point in East Maitland to pick up your photo/s.We provide you with an obligation free quote the same day of your enquiry.


Message from Michelle… the time has come to restore a golden oldie.

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