About Our Canvas

 Our canvas have a non-glare finish & are made from 100% cotton material

About our canvas….well, where do we start! At SMP our canvas prints also excel in quality, boasting fantastic image clarity and vivid colour intensity, sure to make a lasting impression.


Stretching Canvas

When a canvas is stretched you automatically lose up to 2 inches from the entire image. Provided the image has sufficient space around the subject itself – the image can be stretched in this way. Usually, for compositional reasons, we prefer this not to happen. At Simple Miracle Photography we apply mirror imaging, which maintains the theme of the subject -ensuring no image wastage, allowing the image to be seen in its entirety.


See below for some of our canvas samples. Click on the image to see a larger version.

3513 back of canvas sample_MG_4186 Gorgeous George. Canvas. Side view (Using mirror imaging method)_MG_4185 Gorgeous George - Canvas Front view

Give your canvas a happy place to live

Investing in canvas is a great idea. When you receive your canvas print/s it is important to give your canvas a happy place to live.

Any area of your home/workplace that is stable in temperature, with normal lighting conditions, will be a suitable position to hang your canvas.

It’s not recommended your canvas print/s be displayed in places of extreme changes in temperature such as in bathrooms or near cooking areas, or in direct sunlight. All canvas prints must be displayed indoors only. Please handle your canvas with care by not applying too much pressure to the surface of the canvas.


Keeping your canvas prints fresh and clean is easy

For best results wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well before handling your canvas in any way. Hold the canvas on its outer frame. Use a clean, slightly damp cloth and, without applying too much pressure, carefully wipe the surface of the canvas. Next, while still holding the framework of the canvas use a clean, damp cloth to wipe each side of the canvas – paying particular attention to the top of your canvas where dust will eventually accumulate the most. The sides of your canvas will tolerate slightly firmer cleaning.

By following these simple tips you greatly increase the longevity of your canvas prints to decades of the best possible viewing experience.

For an absolute spotless appearance at all times – a light cleaning each month or two will keep your canvas prints looking brand new.

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